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Summer Island Village

Summer Island Village, 1999

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2012 Update

Since I originally wrote this report, the dive school has changed management. I went back again in 2012, and had a much more enjoyable experience. The newer report is here.

Our flight was with Monarch. The plane was an Airbus 300 and it was pretty cramped with not a great deal of legroom. Still at least we didn't have to pay for our headphones and you did get a complimentary, if very small, bottle of wine with your meal.

Summer Island Village, January 2012

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I was doing a 2 week tour of southern India and wanted to finish off with a week in the Maldives. I looked on and one island was much cheaper than most of the alternatives. Summer Island Village was £800 for one week all-inclusive. I'd been there before back in 1999, and written this report. The price didn't include boat transfers from the airport to the island. They certainly clawed back some money on them. They charged £135.

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