Santa Marta, Colombia, March 2016

Santa Marta is another city on Colombia's Caribbean coast. It's a major port, but there is a small beach and a marina. The town itself has some nice old colonial style buildings. The Plaza de los Novios is a square around which are several bars and restaurants, and it's a nice and safe place to go for a drink or a meal. I stayed at the Nueva Granada hotel, which had a nice courtyard to relax in and a small swimming pool. Daytime temperatures were as high as 34C, so the pool was welcome.

Bonaire, October 2015

Bonaire is somewhere I've always wanted to go, so when the uDare meetup group arranged a trip there, I signed up. As the island is part of the Netherlands, the easiest way to get there from Europe is with KLM, which means connecting at Schipol. At least they didn't leave my luggage there this time, which was a bonus. The outward flight also stopped at Aruba for about an hour. It went straight to Schipol on the way back.

Sri Lanka, December 2014

I wanted to do a tour of Sri Lanka seeing the usual sites over Christmas, but I wanted to see if I could do some diving for a week before the tour. Nobody I knew had been there, but the Island Scuba website looked promising. At that time of year, because of the monsoon, the east coast is not usually diveable, so the south west area around Colombo looked my best bet. I emailed Island Scuba and arranged both the diving and accommodation with them. Arriving at the airport, there was a taxi counter operating a fixed fare based on

Sal, Cape Verde, April 2015

Cape Verde is a country consisting of 10 volcanic islands 350 miles off the coast off west Africa. Originally discovered and colonised by the Portuguese, it gained independence in 1975. In recent years, the construction of international airports on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista have opened them up to package tourism from Europe.

Falmouth 31st July - 2nd August

I had a 3 day, deeper wreck trip planned to Falmouth. The first wreck was the Rinovia. It was a trawler, converted to a minesweeper that hit a mine. Getting down the shot revealed the viz was once again terrible at around 1m and it was quite dark at 61m. It's not a very big wreck lengthwise, but it is quite tall in places. In that viz, it wasn't easy to make out an awful lot and the wreck itself is quite silty. The sea bed was very soft in the area. Bagging up, the viz dramatically improved at about 43m only to go back to being bad at around 9m.


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